Welcome to District 8 High School Rodeo
IHSRA 8th District Contestants
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See the heavens, smell the air, taste the dust and the alkali, hear the wind and the wild, feel the motion of your horse. . . .On a good day, that's all you need. On a bad day, that's all you need. ~ TB Bender

8th District Rodeo Officers 2016-2017

Shane Jensen
Lynette Smith
Vice President
Troy Lloyd  Cody Thompson Lynette Smith
Nic Higgins
8th District Student Officers 2016-2017
Hazen Smith
Bailee Smith
Josie Jensen
Vice President
Hazen Smith Bailee Smith Josie Jensen
8th District Club Advisors
Bear Lake Malad GREAT BASIN
Nic and Chris Higgins
Jody and Amber Smith
Casey and Shanna Perkins

Nick and Angela Christensen
Rick and Linda Sullivan
Mike and Jennifer McFarlane

Wes and Jen Harris
Burke and Alecia Smith
Jackson and Oralie Smith

Caribou County   Marsh Valley
Shane and Sid Jensen
Justin and Melanie Williams
Cody and Melissa Thompson
  Ron and Casey Olson
Ralph and Valerie Gunter
Gean Pierson